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We are looking for youthful individuals to inspire the world to take part in the transformation of our agri-food systems.

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01Video submission categories

We want to see the unique and sustainable agri-food practices and cuisine of your country! Submit videos of your favorite local recipes, local agriculture techniques, indigenous knowledge, ancient crop varieties, innovative agri-food practices or anything else you think represents your culinary tradition or solutions to transform our agri-food systems.

1: FoodSystems4Change

Agri-food systems include all the people and activities that play a part in growing, transporting, supplying, and, ultimately, eating food. Share with us different ways in which your local agri-food systems are sparking positive changes through elements such as:

    • Impact of climate change on agri-food systems
    • Food supply chains
    • Food environments, availability and affordability
    • Food loss and waste
    • Sustainable and fair production and consumption
    • Food security
    • Urban agriculture
    • And more! 


    2: Cooking4Change

    Food culture ranges from ingredients to cooking methods, local recipes and, of course, tradition. Show us your country or community’s unique culinary culture, in videos that highlight:

    • Healthy diets
    • Sustainable meals
    • Limiting food waste
    • Local indigenous ingredients
    • Preserving culture and biodiversity
    • And more!

    02Who can participate

    The call is open to both amateur and professional video makers of any age and nationality, upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

    03Rules and regulations

    • Participation is free of charge.
    • The entry period will begin at 18:00 (CEST) on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 and will close at 18:00 (CEST) on Thursday, 30 September 2021.
    • The content of the videos must be related to agri-food systems. Each entrant may submit up to five short videos per category.
    • File size: Maximum 2 GB. Aspect ratio allowed: 1:1 square format and 16:9 wide screen format. Minimum resolution for square format: 720 x 720 (HD). Suggested resolution for square format: 1080x1080 (Full HD). Minimum resolution for wide screen format: 1280 x 720 pixels. Suggested resolution for wide screen format: 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). Frame rate FPS: free choice.
    • Duration: videos should be under 5 minutes long (preferably 2 minutes).
    • Language: videos in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese are accepted and subtitles in English are recommended. Videos in other languages are also accepted, but with mandatory English subtitles.
    • To submit, click on the submit button and complete each of the required fields. Then provide a WeTransfer link.
    • Please read and agree to the detailed Terms and Conditions before submitting any videos. By submitting entries to the call, the entrant confirms that the rules for the competition, including the general rules, and copyright and privacy policies have been read, understood and agreed to by the entrant.


    • The best and most inspiring videos, selected by a panel of WFF judges, will be showcased on the WFF YouTube Channel and website and/or other social media platforms, granting greater visibility to the authors. These videos will raise awareness of the theme and help others recognize the importance of transforming our agri-food systems into more sustainable, inclusive, and healthy systems.
    • An “Actor4Change” certificate will be issued by the WFF to the authors of the best and most inspiring videos that fully meet the requirements stated above and in the terms and conditions.
    • Want to support us even more and become part of the movement for transforming our agri-food systems? Take a selfie with your phone showing your “Actor4Change” certificate. Then post it on your social media accounts tagging #WorldFoodForum and #Actors4Change.

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