2022 World Food Forum Flagship Event

2022 World Food Forum Flagship Event


Call for side events and exhibitions

Host a side event or exhibition at the premier global forum to harness the passion and power of youth for positive agrifood systems change.

Deadlines to apply: 31 July (for live side events and exhibitions); 31 August (for online side events and exhibitions)

Selection announcement: August/September


The WFF Flagship event is the culmination of all activities of the year, including policy and scientific discussions, innovation awards, educational activities, capacity development workshops, exhibitions, side events and cultural activities. It will be hosted in a hybrid format live in Rome, Italy, and virtually through an event platform for an immersive and dynamic virtual experience.

To complement the mainstage events, the WFF invites Members, stakeholders, partners and other interested parties to organize virtual or hybrid in-person side events and/or exhibitions to share their vision, along with key innovations and programmes. These events and exhibitions are expected to deepen the discussion on agrifood systems transformation and provide an interactive and inclusive space for young people to intervene, promote ideas and spark action.

The WFF promotes inclusivity and diversity and we encourage everyone who is acting for a better food future to apply for a side event or exhibition.

02Practical Information


Exhibitions can be held in-person or virtually during the WFF flagship event from 17 to 21 October. The format and themes of the exhibitions are up to the organizers, though they must be in line with the WFF mission of empowering youth for a better food future, and support the 2022 theme of “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.”.

Exhibitions should be educational and inspiring, promoting knowledge-sharing on solutions/case studies or a dynamic narrative to raise awareness, support solutions, and advocate for agrifood systems transformation.


Side events

Side events will be held in-person (hybrid) or virtually during the WFF flagship event from 17 to 21 October. Each event will have a maximum duration of 75 minutes and is to be independently organized by the partner organizations.

Side events can be structured in a variety of ways, for example: panel discussions, masterclasses, workshops, open-air activities or any other creative project that can support young people in creating a space that inspires new ways of thinking and doing, sparking discussions amongst various stakeholders, sharing knowledge, bringing together diverse perspectives, or providing an inclusive platform where good practices and ideas can be shared.


Side event/Exhibition conceptualization

  • Side events and exhibitions can be organized by any entity and individual.
  • Side event and exhibition organizers are responsible for developing the concept note, planning and structuring the event, promotion of the event, event execution and covering any expenses.
  • All costs for side events and exhibitions, including travel, visas and logistical arrangements will be the responsibility of the organizers.
  • Side events and exhibitions should be closely linked to the work of the WFF and should connect to topics related to the 2022 theme of “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.”
  • Side events and exhibitions should be youth-led, gender-balanced, ethnically diverse and inclusive for all, considering that the WFF is a multicultural platform that firmly believes in the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • The WFF encourages events focusing on different regions, and organized in different languages. Interpreters need to be organized by the event organizer - events in multiple languages can be streamed on the virtual conference platform.
  • Side events and exhibitions should be founded in the non-discriminatory respect for all-persons.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • After the event, organizers are to complete an outcome and feedback document, presenting the topic of discussion and conclusions. These inputs will be included in the WFF 2022 Year in Review Report and published on the WFF website.



  • Side event and exhibition organizers are responsible for the promotion of the event on their own channels.
  • WFF will provide branding guidelines and materials, and may promote the side event/exhibition on its channels and the virtual platform (if streamed).
  • Approved side event/exhibition applications will be displayed on the full WFF flagship event agenda.



  • For live side events and exhibitions: WFF will provide the space and the room for the side event/exhibition to take place. Basic materials such as a table and chairs will be provided. Rooms will include a projector and will be equipped to stream to the WFF virtual platform. All other costs should be covered by the organizers.
  • For online side events and exhibitions: WFF will be utilizing a virtual platform and organizers are requested to create their own Zoom event that will then be embedded in the WFF platform. Further practical information will be provided with the selection announcement. Virtual breakout rooms, close captions and hiring of simultaneous translations (at own cost) are possible.
  • Let’s be environmentally friendly. Please share all event materials digitally.



  • All in-person side events and exhibitions will be held at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy.
  • Virtual side events and exhibitions will be hosted on the WFF virtual event platform.


Tips for successful applications

  • The more dynamic the side event or exhibition, the higher chances it will be selected.
  • Provide a clear communication plan for the promotion of your side event and/or exhibition.
  • The WFF is looking for side events and exhibitions that promote action and forward-looking discussions among youth or in an intergenerational setting towards addressing the access to healthy diets, climate change and their nexus.
  • Side event outcomes should be clear, inspiring and practical to motivate others.


Application process

  • Use this online form to submit your side event and/or exhibition proposal.
  • The deadline for live side event and exhibition proposals is 31 July. The deadline for online side events and exhibitions is 31 August.
  • The WFF team will be responsible for reviewing all proposals and selecting the events based on the criteria listed above.
  • Organizers will be contacted after the submission, and notification on the acceptance of the proposal will be received by the organizers no later than the second half of August/beginning of September.
  • The full schedule of side events will be posted on world-food-forum.org after the acceptance of the proposals, by the second week of September.
  • All queries and contributions regarding side events and exhibitions should be addressed to: [email protected]


Possible funding and sponsorships

  • As we would love to see as many of your faces in-person, the WFF is supportive of crowdfunding means created by entities to help fund travel to Rome, as well as the advocacy of the crowdfund with potential sponsors when possible, especially for applicants from developing countries.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation for hosting a side event or exhibition, the organizers will be responsible for setting up the crowdfunding page. Share the link of the page with the WFF Secretariat, which may support its promotion.

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