06 August 2021

Welcome to the G20 Green Garden

Welcome to the G20 Green Garden Situated in Rome’s famous Appia Antica Park, the G20 Green Garden invites you to reflect on the future of our planet. This open-air museum celebrates biodiversity, nature and Rome’s ancient heritage while calling for global solidarity to create a sustainable future for all. On the occasion of the Italian presidency of the G20 and as part of a multipartner initiative, trees will be planted to symbolise countries’ commitment to ‘People, Planet, Prosperity’ – three core values linked to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Explore the 17 giant SDG cubes sprouting from the grass or admire the iconic olive tree with messages for a brighter future, all while learning how your actions can make a difference. If you can’t visit in person, have a virtual Green Garden experience by downloading the App.


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