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The WFF Innovation Masterclasses

Leveraging youth-led Community Supported Agriculture for sustainable food systems (IFAD)

Featuring youth practitioners, academia and young agricultural professionals, this masterclass shares a deep dive into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), an innovative production and marketing scheme that directly links producers and consumers in the production and consumption of agroecological and organic food, which benefits the environment and human health while increasing income.

Integral Ecology

This masterclass, led by the Economy of Francesco, discusses how the Integral Ecology perspective, where Young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers are invited to explore models for infusing economics with ethical values and debate Integral Ecology in relation to topics such as energy access, food systems, gender inequality and more.

Masterclasses for a Better Food Future: Experiences from Japan about food systems in a circular economy (Docuseries)

This six-part masterclass docuseries highlights innovations from Japan, presenting six ideas and actions that close value loops to prevent wastage, optimize the use of our natural resources, and enhance local biodiversity in our food systems.

Foodtech Venture Day - Japan

This masterclass examines 10 start-ups to illustrate how Japanese tech innovators are addressing global issues related to healthy populations and food.

Creativity and innovation for the circular economy: the contribution of young people

With the Italian Minister of Youth Affairs, Department for Youth Policy and Universal Civic Service, FAO, and Italian Youth Council (CNG), this masterclass discusses how young people can play a role in circular economies (using the reuse, renew, regenerate and recycle strategies) to prevent wastage in our agrifood systems.

Success Mindset: Compétences entrepreneuriales pour l’action des jeunes

Cette masterclass interactive du WFF (World Food Forum) s’appuie sur une étude de cas spécifique du projet Mashrou3i pour comprendre et développer un “état d’esprit de réussite”. Elle présente également le programme d’apprentissage en ligne HP LIFE pour promouvoir l’esprit entrepreneurial et la création d’entreprises. Les participants apprendront ce que signifie un état d'esprit de réussite, de quelle manière le développer, et comment cela peut aider à la réussite pour l'avenir.

Hungry for a kinder world: a simple idea to fight food waste

In this masterclass, Food Cloud and WFF Champion, Natalie Prabha discuss how young people can support the fight against the twin issues of food waste and food security.

International Coffee Day - From cup to bean (Slow Food Coffee Coalition)

Led by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition and Youth Network, this masterclass will explore the world of coffee, presenting the journey backwards, from cup to bean. You'll learn everything you need to know about the coffee value chain - from the socio-economic challenges of the farmers up to the coffee reaching the final consumer.

How can we attract youth into agriculture? Exploring youth as drivers of agricultural economic growth in Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and beyond (Clinton Foundation)

Touching upon global youth employment issues in agriculture, this masterclass showcases youth voices in the agricultural sector, examining programs around the world that are successfully working to draw young people into agribusiness and empowering them as drivers of economic growth.

Blockchain 101 (FAO/WFP/IFAD)

Did you know that Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies? This masterclass brings together the Rome-based agencies to explore how blockchain can play a crucial role in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and improve our agrifood systems.

Revolutionizing food education in youth for more sustainable food pathways

In this masterclass on school-based food and nutrition education, FAO and UNICEF lay out a vision for school food education that encourages and enables health-promoting and sustainable food practices and outlooks from all actors (students, parents, teachers etc.).

Tech-skills for youth-led sustainable water management (UNIDO)

In the context of more countries facing water scarcity issues exacerbated by climate change, UNIDO launched their H2O Maghreb project . Watch this masterclass and find out how this project contributes not only to sustainable water management, but also to empowering the next generation of female water technicians in Morocco!

Nuclear science and techniques for food and agriculture (FAO-IAEA)

Featuring a demonstration of plant breeding and sterile insect technique, FAO and IAEA scientists present this masterclass on ways they can help countries tackle key challenges in food and agriculture through capacity development, technology transfer and nuclear science career pathways.

Youth and women employment in the food economy: The importance of territorial approaches (OECD Devtalks)

To react to the emerging realities of local food systems, we need to reflect on the different needs of different populations, especially for women and youth. Experts in this masterclass discuss development-oriented, territorial employment policies for job creation strategies to leave no one behind.

Challenging the Myths of Meat: sustainability and innovation in grazing systems (Chipsafer)

When you think “meat”, what comes to mind? If the answer is climate change, deforestation or cruelty we wouldn’t be surprised! Join experts in this masterclass as they reflect on the Uruguayan grazing system, delve into the lesser-known aspects of beef production on grazing systems and challenge some of the preconceived notions surrounding meat production.

Promoting decent jobs for youth in food systems (ILO)

This interactive masterclass explores the challenges and opportunities for young people to access decent jobs in food systems, particularly in the rural economy and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Register to learn about innovative youth-led solutions designed to promote more and better jobs for youth in rural areas.

Workshop Quebec-Africa (In French)

This Francophone workshop, organized by the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) and the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) of the Government of Quebec, addressed common issues for the next generation of farmers in Quebec and in French-speaking African countries, and presented promising and innovative projects of young farmers and/or entrepreneurs that will allow for the positive and sustainable transformation of our agrifood systems.

01What are the World Food Forum Innovation Masterclasses?

The WFF Innovation Masterclasses are virtual events, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes in length, where experts and youth leaders are able to share stories of actionable solutions that can help transform our agrifood systems. Through individual presentations, panel discussion roundtables, talks and stories, these masterclasses aim to engage, educate, inspire and mobilize a global audience to take action for creating a better food future.

02How to organize a World Food Forum Innovation Masterclass



Make sure you read the information provided on this page to have an idea of what a masterclass is.



Choose a focus for the masterclass based on your work, research, experiences or ideas that could contribute to transforming our agrifood systems.



Discuss your idea with others and fine-tune the title, agenda and suitable activities and tools for your virtual masterclass.



Put your thoughts in writing, submit your idea, and wait for a response from the WFF team within five working days!

03Key ingredients for a successful masterclass

To help make your masterclass as impactful as possible, be sure to have: an innovative and pertinent topic, an inspiring framework, passionate speakers, sound logistics, effective discussion leaders, interaction, active event promotion, and dissemination of outcomes among youth in your region and around the world.

The WFF team is ready to support you by inviting an enthusiastic audience, promoting your WFF Innovation Masterclass on social media, and potentially connecting you with youth and experts in other WFF tracks to join your masterclass as speakers, audience, or co-organizers.

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