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World Food Forum - Education

Education for a Better Food Future

Food is a requisite for living and a central part of everyday life – yet how much thought do we give to how food is produced, distributed and consumed? And what about the impact of our agrifood systems on both our bodies and the environment?

Where does our food come from? Do we really know exactly what we are eating? How is climate change affecting our food supply? What is nutritious food and why is it so important for our physical and mental development?

Far too many children and teenagers lack access to food education and an understanding of how food systems work. Yet knowledge is a key driver for the sustainable, systemic changes we need to make to our global agrifood systems, now more than ever.

The World Food Forum Education track aims to provide access to knowledge and actionable solutions for healthy diets and a healthy planet, while inspiring children and youth everywhere to create a better food future for all.

Get involved

Are you a school class, teacher or scout and interested in becoming an active driver of change in your own community? Join in the fun and participate in the UN YUNGA labs and FAO's Behaviour Change Science sessions for teachers, experts and youth.

Engage children, schools and youth through inspirational events like Junior World Food Day in October 2022. Share toolkits and resources to foster and improve food education and achieve behaviour change for a better food future.

Call upon children and youth to take action and become agents of change for sustainable agrifood systems transformation. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media to keep up to date on our latest news. To become a volunteer, partner or sponsor, email us at [email protected].


WFF Participates in Snack the System Event to Empower Youth for Agrifood Systems Change

On 22 May, the World Food Forum (WFF) team participated in Snack the System, an event organized by Bites of Transfoodmation and hosted by Casali del Pino, an organic farm and touristic destination located a few kilometers outside of Rome. The event brough

WFF attends Snack the System Event in Milan

On 7 May, the World Food Forum (WFF) attended its first ever in-person event hosted by Snack the System at the House of Switzerland in Milan, a pop-up event platform connecting Italy to Switzerland. From interactive exhibitions, engaging discussions and

YUNGA Energy Lab

The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) in collaboration with the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) organized the Energy Lab as part of the Education Track of the World Food Forum (WFF), to provide youth with knowledge and actionable solutions to drive agrifood systems transformation and inspire the creation of a better food future for all.

Stories from local heroes fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and improving nutrition!

The Food and Nutrition Division of FAO looks for stories of young local actors dedicating their skills and time to fight climate change, protect biodiversity and improve nutrition in their communities.

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