WFF flagship event 2022

Highlights the centrality of science, technology and innovation for agrifood systems transformation. The event will embrace a diversity of perspectives based on science and innovation, thereby facilitating rationalization and inclusiveness of debate.

More specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Explore scientific and technological advances and associated risks and opportunities;
  • Share science- and evidence-based options for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems;
  • Analyze options for strengthening science and evidence-based decision-making;
  • Assist countries in making informed decisions regarding the co-creation, adaptation and adoption of appropriate and context-specific technologies and innovations;
  • Promote effective science communication, including by engaging on contentious issues.

The Science and Innovation Forum will be designed over five days at FAO HQ and provide major stakeholders, in particular from low and middle-income countries (LMICs), the space and opportunity to take stock of the science and evidence base and gaps, engage in dialogues and share experiences around science-based actions and innovative solutions. Various stakeholders include senior policy-makers, Permanent Representatives of Member States in Rome, international, regional and national research and development organizations, academic institutions, the private sector, development partners, youth, civil society and farmers’ organizations, among others.

Roundtables, panel discussions, and various interactive formats will be utilized. The Forum will be preceded by independently organized side-events, with partners showcasing their innovations and insights.

  • Scientific and technological advances explored;
  • Options for science and evidence-based decision-making analyzed;
  • Options for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems shared;
  • Countries supported in making informed decisions;
  • Effective science communication promoted.


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