El Foro Mundial de la Alimentación 2024: Una buena alimentación para todos, hoy y mañana.
ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 Side Event: “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.” – youth-led action for a better food future

The World Food Forum (WFF) will launch its 2022 cycle with a side event at the ECOSOC Youth Forum during World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April,...

El Foro Mundial de la Alimentación anuncia el tema de 2022: Alimentación Saludable. Planeta Saludable.

Los sistemas alimentarios y agroalimentarios juegan un papel fundamental en la salud de nuestro planeta y la de la población mundial. ...

Join the 2022 Planet Forward Summit

The 2022 Planet Forward Summit will bring together scientists, students, and storytellers. They'll provide unique insight on the innovations we need...

WFF Masterclass - Forest photography & video 101 with Michele Curel and Ramon Casacuberta: The Basics

How can we use different types of images and videos to tell a story about forestry, climate change, deforestation, restoration and related issues?

Mediterranean Youth Dialogue: Young generations of the Mediterranean set their priorities in the forest sector

The Mediterranean Youth Dialogue Session proved to be an opportunity for young people of diverse backgrounds, and diverse areas of the Mediterranean,...

YUNGA Energy Lab

The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) in collaboration with the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) organized the Energy Lab as part...

Africa francophone workshop on the importance of young farmers in the transformation of agrifood systems

This Francophone workshop was organized by the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) and the Offices jeunesse internationaux...

Applications for the WFF Young Scientists Group are now open until 15 March!

The World Food Forum (WFF) gathers major youth groups, influencers, companies, academic institutions, non-profits, governments, media and the public...

Historias de héroes locales que luchan contra el cambio climático, preservan la biodiversidad y mejoran la nutrición!

La División de Alimentación y Nutrición de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación (FAO) está buscando historias...

World Pulses Day: WFF Champion Mariah Gladstone on the importance of Indigenous knowledge for the future of pulses

Mariah Gladstone is the founder of Indigikitchen, an online cooking show that tries to breathe new life into Indigenous People’s food traditions. With...

Join the Youth Mechanism: Have your say in global food and agricultural policy!

The WFF Youth Mechanism is an independent group of young people that serves as the governing and decision-making body of the Youth Action Track. It...

World Pulses Day leverages the power of youth to transform agrifood systems

The cultivation of pulses, combined with the power of young people, can help achieve a transformation in our agrifood systems, said QU Dongyu, Director-General...

Summary of the FAO One Health Youth Dialogue for the World Food Forum 2021

This document summarises and synthesizes the online event The One Health Future we want: One Heath Youth Dialogue, held as part of the World Food Forum...

Zooming in on results: Launch of the World Food Forum 2021 Year-in-Review Digital Report

Following the successful launch of the first-ever World Food Forum (WFF), powered by global youth, through its Flagship Event from 1-5 October 2021,...

2021 Foodicons of the year

An oft-cited challenge facing global agri-food systems is the lack of a common language. To address this, Foodicons and the World Food Forum (WFF)...

Foodicons @ 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress

Foodicons @ 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress.

WFF Masterclass: Promoting decent jobs for youth in food systems (ILO)

This interactive masterclass explores the challenges and opportunities for young people to access decent jobs in food systems, particularly in the...

WFF Masterclass - Challenging the myths of meat: sustainability and innovation in grazing systems

When you think “meat”, what comes to mind? If the answer is climate change, deforestation or cruelty we wouldn’t be surprised! However, did you know...

World Food Forum: Towards a better, youth-led food future

Hear from the voices behind the first-of-its-kind movement conceived by and for global youth on the road towards a more sustainable and inclusive food...