The World Food Forum 2024: Good food for all, for today and tomorrow.

Empowering transformation: Highlights from the partner-led side events at the World Food Forum flagship event

Empowering transformation: Highlights from the partner-led side events at the World Food Forum flagship event

After narrowing down the entries and working closely with those who were selected, we brought to life over eighty virtual and hybrid side events. These dynamic events were all centered around bolstering our overarching 2023 theme: “Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action”. The discussions were vibrant and inclusive, drawing substantial attendance, both in-person at the FAO headquarters and virtually. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed partners for their unwavering commitment and dedication in facilitating these impactful events. It was truly inspiring to host a diverse range of discussions and sessions, each dedicated to transforming our global agrifood systems and ensuring that youth are spearheading the change.

For those who were unable to attend, below is a comprehensive list of our partners who hosted sessions at the 2023 WFF flagship event. They are available for viewing on our Zoom Events platform until 19 November, and subsequently on the WFF YouTube page


American University of Beirut: The gateway: mechanisms to enhance informal food systems

Bahá’í International Community: Youth as promoters of climate action in agrifood systems transformation

Brazilian Delegation to the UN Rome Based Agencies: Unleashing the potential of the Amazon bioeconomy

Canadian Agricultural Youth Council: Youth to the table

CGIAR: Leveraging online platforms to enhance agrobiodiversity

Chadwick International: Education for youth action

Chadwick School South Korea: No food left behind

China Land Surveying and Planning Institute: Youth promoting innovation, safeguarding food security

Comune di Milano: Youth-led street actions: raising awareness of the food-climate nexus

Dutch National Youth Council: Plant-powered and youth-led: protein transitions in diverse contexts

Earth Digital Book: Youth innovation: food security and climate change

EIT Food Educators: The food around us: creating local food maps

Erasmus Student Network Rome: Seeding the change: student-led innovations in agrifood systems

FACE Intergenerational Justice: Fast mitigration agrifood solutions driven by youth

FAO: Breaking the silos

FAO: Promoting youth-led solutions in the bioeconomy

FAO: Fifth annual academia perspectives

FAO: Youth-led agroforestry

FAO: Promoting home gardening practices for agrobiodiversity and nutrition


FAO: Youth access to agrifood & climate knowledge in LDCs and SIDS

FAO: Climate action in emergency and humanitarian livelihood assistance

FAO: Innovative solutions to build green cities

FAO: Accelerating climate action with new German funded FACE-NDC project

FAO: Youth-centred initiatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization Innovation Fund and Incubator

FAO Nepal: Crops, culture and youth: a path to sustainable development

FAO RLC: Partnerships and capacity development: Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO RAF: Promoting youth-centred green investments in Africa

FAO/EBRD: Shifting mindsets, fostering connections: Innovation with private sector

FAO/YPARD: FAST initiative and youth finance

Generation Climate Europe: Youth innovation: new ideas to address food loss in European Union agriculture

Ghent University: Youth, sustainability and food choices: an international perspective

Global Peace Chain: Reminiscing the customs: a move towards traditional agrifood development

IAEA: Astrobiology and space breeding for food security under climate change

IFAD Youth Network/PARM: Harnessing biodiversity's potential for managing climate risks in food systems

IFIAD: Connecting youth, transforming food systems

Institute for Climate and Peace: Indigenous food sovereignty in the Pacific-Asia region

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam & AGRUPAR: Food for planning: bring the food system to the city

Institute of Food Technologists: Engaging and empowering young food scientists

International Land Coalition: Youth land rights for sustainable food systems and climate resilience

International Land Coalition Africa: Technology as a tool for food transformation

KIDSforSDGs: Systems Change Summit

Luiss Guido Carli: Luiss FAO model

Lukenya University: Innovations to increase youth inclusion in agrifood systems in Africa

Macau University of Science and Technology: Design + ignition

Manhat & Visenleer: Empowering youth for water and ocean sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa

MGCY: Mobilizing youth to develop and deploy tech-driven solutions

Nestlé: Because youth matter: investing in youth potential

NGIN: Next climate solution superstars!

Northwest A&F University: You’re probably throwing away very good food

Nuffield International, NGIN, International Agri-Food Network & Canadian Cattle Association: Investing in youth in agrifood systems for accelerated climate action

Plant Futures Initiative: Advocating for sustainable food education and career opportunities

ProVeg International: Plant-based vs. Livestock: the great food debate

Queensland University of Technology & University of the Sunshine Coast: Reaching consensus on an international

Real Food Systems: Youth influence on food systems: strengths, limitations and solutions

Rising Out of the Ashes: Sustainable agriculture and the Zabaleen

Sand to Green: Desertification fresk

Shamba Centre for Food & Climate: African youth-led competition reform for sustainable agrifood systems

SIANI: Growing local innovators for food and water security

Social Gastronomy Movement: The right to food through collective action

Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre: Youth-led solutions for sustainable agrifood systems

Soydoy Foundation: Collective impactive network of the new generations

Tailored Food: Building resilient local food systems through youth entrepreneurship

Teagasc: Digestion as a metric to assess protein quality in different food matrix

Teto Brasil: Evidence from the Brazilian national school feeding program and its features

The Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior: Empowering food citizens through nutrition

UNDP: Youth4Climate: youth leading conscious food systems projects

UN Food Systems Summit Alliance: Empowering youth in agrifood: sharing best practices and financing solutions

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Water and food insecurity indicators

UN SDSN Youth Black Sea: Journal club talk: planetary health diet and food systems transformation

Wa’ik: The food opportunity for Latin America

WFF Education: Global education fair awards

WFF Innovation Lab: Scaling youth-led solutions: investing in the next generation

WFF Innovation Lab, UN Global Pulse Uganda & FAO RLC: Tackling real world UN challenges through innovation

WWF: Getting active for the climate and the planet one bite at a time!

XTC: Extreme Tech Challenge investor round table

Youth for Environment Education and Development Foundation: District-level food security policy framework and Indigenous Peoples

Youth Initiative for Land in Africa: Youth in agrifood systems transformation for climate action in Africa

YPARD: Youth action for resilient foodscapes

YPARD LAC: Youth, women, agrifood systems and climate change

Y7 & Y20 delegates: Y7 & Y20 leaders shaping a sustainable food future