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Join the Youth Mechanism: Have your say in global food and agricultural policy!


Do you want to make your voice heard, help shape the future of food and agriculture, and take your career to the next level? Then this volunteer leadership opportunity with the World Food Forum (WFF) may be for you!

Volunteer to become a Focal Point for the Youth Mechanism of the WFF Youth Action Track.


What is the Youth Mechanism?

The WFF Youth Mechanism is an independent group of young people that serves as the governing and decision-making body of the Youth Action Track. It leads all WFF Youth Action initiatives, which center around programmes for supporting capacity building, actionable solutions, and education on food and agriculture policy topics.

The Youth Mechanism is described in the Terms of Reference, which were drafted and consulted on by youth for the 2021 Flagship WFF event. The Youth Mechanism is composed of the Assembly and the Focal Points Group.

The Assembly
The Assembly is the universal constituency structure of the WFF Youth Action Track. It is composed of nonprofit organizations that are either youth-led and youth-serving and/or youth branches of existing organizations, as well as individual youth advocates (under the age of 35). Organizational members of the Assembly are a diverse range of values-based youth nonprofits from civil society, social movements, networks, organizations, coalitions, and elsewhere.

The Focal Points Group
The Focal Points Group guides the strategic direction of the WFF Youth Mechanism as mandated by the Assembly. Each Focal Point acts in the interests of the WFF Youth Mechanism. The Group is composed of focal points from 1) youth constituencies / counterparts of the UN and avenues related to agriculture and food; 2) representatives from person-centric and minority youth stakeholder groups; 3) individual youths and/or youth groups identified through a public process; and 4) youth that are part of the WFF Advisory Group, as deemed relevant by the Focal Points Group co-chairs.

Two co-chairs of the Focal Points Group, who facilitate the Focal Points Group’s work, will be identified by the Mechanism and serve for a term of one year. The terms of the co-chairs will be staggered so that a new co-chair enters office every six months. At least one co-chair must be from a food and agriculture-focused youth entity. Co-chairing by one individual person is limited to a maximum of one term.


How to be a part of the Selection Committee

If you are young person (under 35 years of age) who is not applying to be a part of the Focal Points Group, you can still support the process by serving on the Selection Committee, which will review and select the candidates for the Focal Points Group.

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