The World Food Forum 2024: Good food for all, for today and tomorrow.

Launch of the World Food Forum


The World Food Forum (WFF), powered by global youth, was officially launched on 22 March. The goal of the WFF is to support the fight against hunger and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by harnessing the passion and action of youth through greater and more consistent engagement.


The WFF, which was conceived by the Youth Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is an independent global network of partners, led by and created for youth. It aims to spark a global movement to transform our agri-food systems and achieve the SDGs in a timely manner. Aligning with the core principles of the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, the WFF serves as an ongoing platform to engage youth, galvanize action and identify solutions to the growing challenges facing our agri-food systems.

Each year, the WFF will culminate in a global range of events that celebrate youth empowerment and leadership while also engaging young agri-food systems stakeholders and a youthful public. The first WFF flagship event is set to launch on 1 October 2021. Ongoing events in during 2021 will include a youth action assembly, innovation labs, agri-food system education, culinary events, a film festival and concerts.

Join the movement to empower youth for a better food future.