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Manifesto for systemic change by bites of Transfoodmation


Have you ever heard of Bites of Transfoodmation (BoT)? Bites of Transfoodmation is an initiative that brings together young motivated individuals who want to change food systems.

For the past year, the community has met – and grown! – to discuss what future food systems should look like, creating a common vision in the form of a Manifesto that calls for a systemic change in the way we produce and consume. These meetings were recognized as Independent Dialogues of the Food Systems Summit.

This Manifesto represents the work of young individuals from different backgrounds and regions who are already projected in the future of food systems. They have worked for months in order to formulate a common vision that focuses on the actions that we, as a collective, can take in order to achieve a new, more cohesive society.

While this political statement mainly focuses on the subject area of food systems with a systemic approach, it includes all aspects of our lives such as health, habitats and our economy. The Manifesto has been written in English, but has been translated into more than 35 languages and vernaculars on a voluntary basis. As we want everyone to be included, we aim to translate it into as many languages as possible.

Are you also hungry for change? Check out the Manifesto and support this initiative by signing it and translating it into your own language!