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Migros and Savola Call for Applications for ‘Open Innovation’ Competitions

Migros and Savola Call for Applications for ‘Open Innovation’ Competitions

In an innovation session of the World Food Forum flagship event titled, “We're supporting You(th). Open Innovation in the Private Sector," the Turkish food retailer Migros, and the strategic investment holding group Savola, launched calls to global youth innovators, to co-create responsible sourcing initiatives.

The open innovation session provided participants the chance to explore how the private sector is working on “innovation for better,” and was held in collaboration with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), alongside the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Both competitions are designed to encourage  agrifood systems transformation in sustainable, responsible and innovative ways.

About the Savola challenge

For Savola, the challenge is to identify a sustainable fat replacer or alternative fat source.

Common cooking fat used in household cooking, commercial kitchens and large-scale food processing are not sustainably produced. Innovators in food industry and academia are now proactively searching for healthier, effective and more sustainable fat replacers or alternative fat sources (such as fat substitutes and fat mimics). Savola is looking for proposals from youth innovators for developing concepts to prototype. Applications are open from 19 October to 9 December 2022.

About the Migros challenge

For Migros, the challenge is a hackathon geared towards finding ideas to collaborate with local farmers in adopting digital technologies for more sustainable supply chains.

Food retailers can be important mediums for economic development. innovation and best practices, as they influence all aspects of the food value chain. Migros is looking for ideas on how to better connect with farming suppliers. The three finalists will be hosted in Turkey , where they will have the opportunity to visit agricultural sites and meet local farmers, entrepreneurs and professionals. Applications will be accepted between 19 October and 11 December 2022.

Help us create a better food future. Apply now to either or both competitions!