The World Food Forum 2024: Good food for all, for today and tomorrow.



For sous chef Moonyung Lee, food is art. At Silo, the world’s first zero-waste restaurant, she is the artist. Food and art are deeply intertwined at Silo, which originated in Australia in 2011 when artist Joost Bakker introduced the concept of ‘not having a bin.’

Years later, Silo operates in London and serves an inspiration for restaurants worldwide. From root to leaf, the team at Silo transforms each ingredient into a dance of taste and texture. There is a special ingredient in this process of craftsmanship and innovation: time. It’s often the avenue through which food becomes waste, as ingredients go uneaten and spoil. At Silo, this process is reversed. Waste, salt, and time are the recipe for the fermented foundations of many of the restaurant’s most successful dishes.

From the fermentatrium to the flour mill, Moon practices her art, finding both beauty and flavor in ingredients ranging from pumpkin skins to mutton fat. With her aesthetic sensibility and supportive leadership style, it is no wonder that she is called the “boss lady” of the team.

Moon embodies the World Food Forum’s 2024 theme of “good food for all, for today and tomorrow.” As she writes on her blog, “eating brings back memories and connects us to the past, present and future.” With zero-waste cooking like at Silo, the future is bright.

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Unit 7, The white building, Unit 7 Queen's Yard, London, United Kingdom