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Unleashing young voices: Youth reporters take the spotlight at the World Food Forum flagship event

Unleashing young voices: Youth reporters take the spotlight at the World Food Forum flagship event

The World Food Forum (WFF) recently experienced a vibrant boost during its flagship event week, courtesy of a dynamic group of Youth Reporters. These reporters brought an abundance of energy, curiosity and a touch of youthful zest to the week.

As part of the electrifying Education Track at the WFF, these young journalists, aged 8 to 14 years old, became the stars of the show. Armed with microphones and brimming with enthusiasm, they embarked on a mission to capture the heartbeat of the event, diving headfirst into the action to chat with participants, speakers, startup founders, high-level attendees and the WFF team itself. They brought a fresh perspective, unleashing a wave of authentic and unfiltered insights.

Exploring beyond the expected

The Education Track not only allowed the young reporters to brush shoulders with leaders but also provided a platform for them to share their own visions for a sustainable future. From chatting with policy advisors to engaging with startup founders about the ways we can make a difference, these kids were on a mission to uncover the most exciting stories. One standout question was when they asked high-level government officials the question “Do you think youth will be a big part of the plans in saving the world?”. These young reporters were breaking down barriers and proving that age is just a number when it comes to passion and curiosity.

These interviews capture the essence of the World Food Forum through the eyes of the next generation. From quirky anecdotes to earnest observations, get ready for a rollercoaster ride of perspectives that will leave you inspired. Watch them on the WFF YouTube channel!

The future looks bright

As the curtains close on this year's World Food Forum, the Youth Reporters stand as beacons of hope for a future where collaboration, innovation and a sprinkle of youthful enthusiasm lead the way. Young voices are here to shake things up and remind us all that change starts with curiosity – no matter how small the package! Read more about their experiences at the WFF flagship event in our “Young Insights” article series.