The World Food Forum 2024: Good food for all, for today and tomorrow.

Virtual Consultations: Have your say in the future of food in your region!

Virtual Consultations: Have your say in the future of food in your region!

Ahead of the World Food Forum flagship event, the Youth Action Focal Points Group is hosting virtual regional consultations with various local partners, which will feed into the regional youth policy compendiums to be drafted in 2022. These regional compendiums will lay out the vision and actions that youth want to see prioritized in the transformation of their local and regional agrifood systems.

What is your vision for a better food future? Let your voice be heard! Register now to participate in the youth consultation in your region. The registration links below also provide more information on each of the regional consultations.

- Latin America and Caribbean: 22 September, 15:00 PM GMT-3.
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- Near East and North Africa: 22 September, 12:00 PM CEST.
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- European and Central Asia: 28 September, 12:00 PM CEST.
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- North America: 28 September, 15:00 PM PST.
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- Africa: 29 September, 12:00 PM GMT
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- Asia and the Pacific: More information coming soon.

More about the regional consultations

Developing the regional compendiums is a cumulative process. The WFF Youth Action track has:

  1. Synthesized existing regional/national youth policy statements, manifestos and outcomes of youth consultations. This synthesis (coming soon!) captured the takeaways of previous youth discussions that have already taken place and informed the identification of broad key policy themes per region and recommended actions.
  2. Rolled out a survey consultation (EN, ES, FR), to collect further regional youth perspectives on agrifood systems transformation, building on the policies identified in the 2021 WFF Global Youth Action Policy Compendium.

The results of the above will be presented during the virtual consultation for everyone to further discuss and elaborate on the priorities identified and ways forward.

Reading material

Where will the regional compendiums lead to?

The regional compendiums will primarily and initially serve as advocacy tools that indicate youth priorities in each region, and which can be presented to national governments, the regional offices of the United Nations (UN) and its agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, WFF partners and others. This will set the foundations for i) WFF statements at upcoming international conferences (e.g. the Conference of the Parties [COP]); ii) future WFF activities/national chapters designed to stimulate regional and local actions with our partners; iii) the development of additional guides and tools for future WFF activities and programmes in 2023; and iv) a submission to the UN Food Systems Summit youth engagement stakeholder group.