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WFF Culinary Series: Exploring sustainable cooking practices

WFF Culinary Series: Exploring sustainable cooking practices

The World Food Forum (WFF) Youth Towards Zero Food Waste campaign has embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of its culinary series. This initiative aims to educate and empower individuals to embrace the art of cooking while minimizing food waste and promoting sustainability in their daily lives. Through a diverse range of delivery tools, the series promises to cover various facets of meal preparation, from creative cooking with food scraps to efficient food storage methods - all geared towards fostering a more sustainable and waste-conscious culinary culture.

Through this collective effort, we aspire to create a ripple effect that positively changes how we approach food consumption and waste management. We aim to inspire and support individuals on their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle by fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Educational empowerment lies at the core of this series. By equipping young people with practical knowledge and skills, the campaign seeks to enable informed choices in cooking practices, thus contributing to the global effort to reduce food waste. Behavioral change is another crucial objective of the culinary series. By encouraging participants to embrace sustainable cooking practices, the campaign aims to instill a conscious consumer mindset and promote a shift towards more eco-friendly culinary habits.

The inaugural episode of the culinary series featured a Creative Cooking Class with Recup, where participants learned how to transform leftovers into culinary delights. From repurposing stale bread to reinventing old eggplants, over 400 attendees joined us to rescue these ingredients from being wasted and create delicious eggplant patties. The full recipe can also be accessed on our social media channels. If you try out this recipe with repurposed ingredients, don’t forget to post a photo and tag us on social media! We would love to see your recreation.


Our upcoming classes will delve into topics such as Unveiling Indigenous Practices to Combat Food Waste, Effective Food Preservation and Storage, Reducing Food Waste through Innovative Plant-Based Strategies, and Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Flavor: Thoughtful Meal Prep for Tackling Food Waste at Home. Stay tuned on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to know when registrations for our upcoming Culinary Series episodes are open as we continue our journey towards a zero-food-waste future.