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WFF Masterclass: Leveraging Youth-Led Community Supported Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems


Join the World Food Forum (WFF) on 22 June, 2021, as it kicks off its Innovation Masterclass series with the interactive webinar, “Leveraging Youth-Led Community Supported Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems”.

This 90-minute masterclass will feature Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) practitioners from China, and Italy, and be an opportunity for youth practitioners, academics and young agricultural professionals worldwide to exchange ideas, lessons learned and best practices of the CSA model.

CSA is an alternative and innovative production and marketing model that directly links producers and consumers in the production and consumption of agro-ecological and organic food. This model benefits the environment and human health while increasing farmer income.

By engaging in and supporting a CSA, young people can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while also promoting rural-urban connections based on inclusiveness and solidarity.

Masterclass objectives

  • Showcasing the CSA model and best practices in China and Italy
  • Generating lessons learned and recommendations on CSA development suitable to local contexts
  • Establishing a CSA network among youth, including practitioners, academics, policy makers, and the private sector for continuous exchanges.

Featured speakers