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Young Insights: Agata Celestini

Young Insights: Agata Celestini

Hi! My name is Agata Celestini and I’m a fifth grade elementary student at Castelli International School. I am a bit shy and thought that visiting FAO would have been an intimidating experience. On the contrary, my visit was exciting and eye opening. The FAO is a UN agency that works on reducing hunger all over the world.

The day I had the honor of visiting felt very special because they organized some meet ups with many experts on food and agriculture. The experts had a lot of cool ideas on how we could help our world. Some of these people were famous chefs who spoke about exotic and healthy foods that my friends and I had no idea about!

Other experts were international politicians whose passion to help the more unfortunate and help us become more aware of our environment was contagious!

This experience made me think about how I could help those around me in my own way? How could a child like me help? I feel so small in front of these kinds of questions. My mother always says: “ It's ok Honey, step by step.”

Well, maybe I could start step by step too. I could start by talking more often to my friends and family about healthier and more sustainable foods. We can try to buy exactly what we need to eat and not waste as much. Or I could even discover apps or associations that help give out better food to people in need.

After visiting the FAO I feel like I have so many new ideas on more sustainable living that putting them all into practice will probably take a long, long time. But, like my mom always says: "Step by step, Honey".