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Young Insights: Ines Lario de Miguel

Young Insights: Ines Lario de Miguel

At the 2023 World Food Forum, FAO warmly welcomed Young Reporters, giving them with the opportunity to interview guests, delegates, and participants. The Youth Reporters initiative, introduced this year, brought about valuable insights. You can find one of the youth reporters' experience here:

On Friday 20th of October, YUNGA (Youth and United Nations Global Alliance) created an event where students were able to enter and were granted a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Food and Agriculture Organization.We interviewed the high-level people that were visiting the organization for a World-Food flagship event.

The central theme during this week of conferences was: “Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action” . It was a unique opportunity to meet world leaders and this is why the experience won’t be forgotten and will leave a valuable mark on me:

I went to the FAO during the closing ceremony and some of our most impactful experiences include: a speech from the President of Ireland as well as different ministers, special guests and the FAO Director-General. I was inspired by the powerful speeches and by the courage, passion and desire to create a cleaner world. Everyone who went on the stage exuded determination and ignited a spark of inspiration, and I learnt a lot from this event.

One very striking and powerful message was transmitted by Licypriya Kangujam, 12-year-old Indian Climate Activist. She fervently urged governments to take immediate action and emphasized the necessity for developed nations to fund pressing global issues like hunger, climate change, and education. She particularly inspired me and we were fortunate enough to later interview her.