WFF at the STI Forum 2023 - Youth Innovation: Bolstering Climate Action Through Agri-Food Systems Transformation in the Context of COVID-19 Recovery

World Food Forum joined the 8th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs to advocate for support of youth innovation for agrifood systems transformation.

WFF attends the ECOSOC Youth Forum Advocating for Youth Engagement in Agrifood Systems Transformation

During the ECOSOC Youth Forum was held in New York, the WFF actively engaged in various events and discussions, highlighting the role of agrifood systems in achieving all SDGs, promoting youth engagement in the sector and fostering collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.


Opportunities and Barriers for Advancing Agri food Systems: Empowering Young People for a Sustainable Future.

WFF Announces Second Cohort of the Young Scientists Group

The World Food Forum (WFF) is delighted to announce the second cohort of the Young Scientists Group (YSG) after the successful launch of the first cohort in 2022.

The World Food Forum launches its 2023 cycle with a side event at the FAO Council

On 27 April, the World Food Forum (WFF) officially launched its 2023 cycle through a side event at the 172nd session of the FAO Council, in support of the ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Meet the Youth Policy Board Selection Committee

The second Youth Policy Board cohort was officially announced on 27 April through a side event  at the 172nd Session of the FAO Council, in support of the ECOSOC Youth Forum.

World Food Forum Announces 2023 Theme: Food Action accelerates Climate Action.

World Food Forum Announces 2023 Theme: Food Action accelerates Climate Action.

Statements from National Youth Delegations at the 2022 flagship event

Statements from National Youth Delegations at the 2022 WFF flagship event.

Open Call for Applications: WFF Youth Focal Points Group

The World Food Forum Focal Points Group is now opening up a call for applications for interested individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 years to join the team.

WFF Youth Assembly: Outcomes of the Discussions on COP27

While we currently produce enough food to feed every man, woman and child in the world, in 2021 there were still up to 828 million people who were hungry.

Agriculture at COP27 - Gaps and Proposed Actions

The discussions on COP27 during the World Food Forum’s (WFF) Youth Action Assembly revolved around the key themes identified in the YOUNGO Agriculture Working Group document for COP27.

World Food Forum wraps up five days of melding diverse perspectives to transform agrifood systems

A youth-driven World Food Forum today wrapped up five days of intensive dialogue, networking and investment pitching aimed at addressing the world’s growing food crisis.

World Food Forum: Youth leaders ask policy makers to step up efforts to bring about real change

Young people laid out their priorities to ensure greater access to safe and nutritious food, and asked decision makers to work with them to implement effective policies as the main events of the Global Youth Forum wrapped up on Wednesday.

World Food Forum: Young people’s role in transforming agrifood systems at the heart of global youth event

The World Food Forum’s (WFF) Global Youth event kicked off on Tuesday as young people from various corners of the globe gathered to brainstorm ways in which to transform agrifood systems.

World Food Forum opens to galvanize youth engagement, science and innovation and investment in transforming agrifood systems

Aimed at galvanizing change to how our food is produced, delivered and consumed and mitigating a growing global food crisis, a youth-driven World Food Forum opened today.

WFF Side Event at the CFS: Youth-Led Solutions from the Leaders of Today - Solutions and Partnerships for Accelerated Action

This hybrid side event was held under the premise of the CFS Guidelines on Promoting Youth Engagement in Agrifood Systems, showcasing five youth-led solutions on the ground.

WFF Youth Action Track Identifies Local Policy Priorities of More Than 3 000 Youth Around the World

The working group of the World Food Forum (WFF) Youth Action Compendium conducted a research synthesis collecting more than 40 regional and national manifestos and consultation outcomes that were either led or consulted by youth.

Virtual Consultations: Have your say in the future of food in your region!

Ahead of the World Food Forum flagship event, the Youth Action Focal Points Group is hosting virtual regional consultations with various local partners, which will feed into the regional youth policy compendiums to be drafted in 2022.

Meet Gerald Barekye, Farmer and Researcher Mobilizing Youth to Advocate for Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy

Mr. Gerald Barekye is a farmer, researcher and youth mobilizer in Uganda. After completing his studies, he started a youth-led policy advocacy organization, the Centre for Environmental Research and Agriculture innovations (CERAI), to organize and push the agenda for sustainability in agriculture and life.

Meet Patrick Kuyokwa, Agri-entrepreneur Promoting Sustainable and Economically Viable Agriculture

Mr. Patrick Kuyokwa is the co-founder and CEO of Agricentre, an agricultural enterprise promoting permaculture and sustainable agricultural practices among smallholder farmers in northern Malawi.

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