In anticipation of the SDG summit and New York Climate Week, on 16 and 17 September, the World Food Forum (WFF) actively participated in the SDG Action Weekend in New York, passionately advocating for youth empowerment.


Step into the mysterious world of mushrooms and fungi at the World Food Forum 2023 Art Exhibition "Smultronstalle“ by Italian artist Egeon.

The World Food Forum Hosts a Side Event at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

The World Food Forum (WFF) hosted a side event at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) in New York.

The World Food Forum Promotes Youth Voices at the Annual Forum of GACSA

The WFF hosted a lively and interactive session to present evidence to the fact that youth is the future of an effective and sustainable agrifood systems transformation.

WFF attends the ECOSOC Youth Forum Advocating for Youth Engagement in Agrifood Systems Transformation

During the ECOSOC Youth Forum was held in New York, the WFF actively engaged in various events and discussions, highlighting the role of agrifood systems in achieving all SDGs, promoting youth engagement in the sector and fostering collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.

The World Food Forum launches its 2023 cycle with a side event at the FAO Council

On 27 April, the World Food Forum (WFF) officially launched its 2023 cycle through a side event at the 172nd session of the FAO Council, in support of the ECOSOC Youth Forum.

World Food Forum 2023 will champion youth leadership in agrifood systems transformation to accelerate climate action

The World Food Forum today officially unveiled its theme for 2023: “Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action” and launched its activities for the year culminating in a series of global events, competitions and actions taking place from 16-20 October at FAO.

Agrifood Systems Transformation Accelerates Climate Action

The World Food Forum will officially launch its 2023 cycle through a side event at the 172nd session of the FAO Council, in support of the ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Bolstering climate action through agrifood systems transformation in the context of COVID-19 recovery

The objective of the WFF side event at the STI Forum is to highlight the importance of engaging global youth in science, technology and innovation.


The World Food Forum (WFF) attended the 2023 UN Water Conference, co-organizing several events and participating in various meetings to discuss the ongoing global water crisis and the role of youth in addressing it

WFF co-organizes special event at the UN Water Conference

The World Food Forum (WFF) co-organized a special event at the UN Water Conference on 23 March.

WFF co-organizes side event on “A generational Challenge in Agriculture” at the 2023 UN Water Conference

The World Food Forum (WFF) co-organized a side at the UN Water Conference on 24 March, together with several partners.

World Food Forum 2022: Innovation Lab Highlights

During the WFF annual flagship event, the Innovation Lab hosted its Transformative Research Challenge Finals, the Startup Innovation Awards finals, a Private Sector Innovation Afternoon and a Masterclass on Sustainable Packaging, and launched an Innovation Alliance with Wageningen University & Research.

The WFF and the Social Gastronomy Movement observe #HungerActionMonth and share over 71 million meals

From 1 September to 16 October, the Social Gastronomy Movement collaborated with the World Food Forum to observe #HungerActionMonth.

World Food Forum: FAO Director-General encourages young change-makers to adopt healthy diets for a healthy planet at YUNGA School Assembly

 The youth of today are the change-makers to end hunger, create a better food future for everyone, and build a more environmentally friendly world QU Dongyu, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), told attendees of the World Food Forum’s Youth and United Nation Global Alliance (YUNGA) School Assembly event.

World Food Forum opens to galvanize youth engagement, science and innovation and investment in transforming agrifood systems

Aimed at galvanizing change to how our food is produced, delivered and consumed and mitigating a growing global food crisis, a youth-driven World Food Forum opened today.

WFF Side Event at the CFS: Youth-Led Solutions from the Leaders of Today - Solutions and Partnerships for Accelerated Action

This hybrid side event was held under the premise of the CFS Guidelines on Promoting Youth Engagement in Agrifood Systems, showcasing five youth-led solutions on the ground.

The World Food Forum Joins I4Nature to Foster a More Sustainable Dairy Sector at Youth World Milk Day Event

The World Food Forum (WFF) partnered with I4NATURE to promote Youth World Milk Day with an online event that brought together young dairy farmers, dairy experts, students and activists to discuss paths forward to create a sustainable future for the dairy industry.

2022 Sustainable Gastronomy Day Celebration Spotlights Chefs and Startups Who Are Tackling Food Waste

The World Food Forum (WFF) teamed up with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) to present the 2022 Sustainable Gastronomy Day Celebration. Over two events, the WFF and XTC hosted passionate chefs and innovative startups (including Chef Radhika Khandelwal, Cristina Domecq, Poonam Bir Kasturi, Travin Singh, Chef Steven Goff, Priyanka (Pri) Srinivas and Maite Guardiola) for a cooking class.

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