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Youth Action for a Better Food Future

Let’s create a true movement of change in the policy dialogues surrounding food and agriculture.

Young people are already taking action to transform our agrifood systems — from the local to the global level, from projects to advocacy, from entrepreneurship to culture, and so much more. The WFF Youth Action track connects and empowers young people around the globe with different backgrounds to discuss their local priorities and challenges, and identify innovative and actionable solutions for a better food future.


Throughout the year, the Youth Action track hosts a myriad of events and dialogues, setting the basis for the Youth Action Assembly, which will take place during the WFF flagship event from 17 to 21 October 2022. Simultaneously, we organize consultations with a variety of different youth groups including young farmers, Indigenous youth, and young scientists to feed into a Youth Action Compendium that presents a strong and united youth perspective on the future of our agrifood systems. In 2022, the WFF will zoom into local action and needs through the establishment of regional compendia, with a particular focus on climate change and access to healthy diets.

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Everyone is welcome to take part in our activities throughout the year. Whether you are part of a youth organization looking to collaborate, or an individual seeking to support the organization of events, there is space for everyone to get involved. The WFF operates on the grounds of inclusivity and transparency.

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Meet Lovell Bai Bangura, Founder of a Social Enterprise to End Food Insecurity
Meet Lovell Bai Bangura, Founder of a Social Enterprise Advancing the Value Chain Fairness and Resilience

Lovell Bai Bangura leads The Farm Investment Limited Sierra Leone, a social enterprise with its own factory that produces peanut-based products with peanuts sourced from local farmers..

Smart agriculture as social enterprise: An interview with farmer and agro-consultant Leutsoa Ezekiel Khobotlo
Meet Leutsoa Ezekiel Khobotlo, Farmer and Agro-consultant Practicing Smart Agriculture as Social Enterprise

Leutsoa Ezekiel Khobotlo is a young, determined Mosotho man in Lesotho, who started farming on a small plot of land to support his family and grew his activities into a social enterprise big enough to supply fresh and nutritious vegetables to the local supermarket and hospital.

Meet Gonroudobou Marietta, Young Agricultural Researcher Lighting Up the Future of Agriculture
Meet Gonroudobou Marietta, Young Agricultural Researcher Lighting Up the Future of Agriculture

Ms. Gonroudobou Marietta is a young agricultural researcher from Benin in Western Africa. She is a big dreamer who is working to share knowledge and create a bright future for agriculture in Africa..

The World Food Forum Joins I4Nature to Foster a More Sustainable Dairy Sector at Youth World Milk Day Event
The World Food Forum Joins I4Nature to Foster a More Sustainable Dairy Sector at Youth World Milk Day Event

The World Food Forum (WFF) partnered with I4NATURE to promote Youth World Milk Day with an online event that brought together young dairy farmers, dairy experts, students and activists to discuss paths forward to create a sustainable future for the dairy industry.

Here's Your Chance to Influence Regional and Global Policy. WFF Launches the Youth Action Survey

In 2021, the Youth Action Assembly produced the Zero draft of the Youth Action Compendium, which synthesized the global youth policy priorities that were identified through an analysis and summary of youth statements and manifestos throughout the globe.

WFF Participates in Snack the System Event to Empower Youth for Agrifood Systems Change

On 22 May, the World Food Forum (WFF) team participated in Snack the System, an event organized by Bites of Transfoodmation and hosted by Casali del Pino, an organic farm and touristic destination located a few kilometers outside of Rome. The event brough

WFF attends Snack the System Event in Milan

On 7 May, the World Food Forum (WFF) attended its first ever in-person event hosted by Snack the System at the House of Switzerland in Milan, a pop-up event platform connecting Italy to Switzerland. From interactive exhibitions, engaging discussions and

FAO and the World Food Forum Launch Young Scientists Group

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Forum (WFF) have launched the WFF’s first-ever cohort of the Young Scientists Group  and called for applications to the second edition of the WFF Transformative Research

The World Food Forum launched its 2022 cycle at the ECOSOC Youth Forum

The World Food Forum (WFF) launched its 2022 cycle on 21 April, with a side event at the ECOSOC Youth Forum during World Creativity and Innovation Day, keeping youth on the international agenda. The event kickstarted a dialogue on the complex, context-dep

Launch of the Youth Action Track Focal Points Group

The World Food Forum is excited to announce the launch of the Youth Action Track Focal Points Group (FPG), with 12 youth leaders from across the globe, establishing the first cohort for 2022-2023.

Meet the Young Scientists Group Expert Reviewers and Selection Committee

Following the launch of the call for applications to the World Food Forum (WFF) Young Scientists Group (YSG), more than 110 young scientists applied from around the world. “I am impressed by these young scientists for their contribution to agrifood systems.

ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 Side Event: “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.” – youth-led action for a better food future

The World Food Forum (WFF) will launch its 2022 cycle with a side event at the ECOSOC Youth Forum during World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April, keeping youth on the international agenda.

Mediterranean Youth Dialogue: Young generations of the Mediterranean set their priorities in the forest sector

The Mediterranean Youth Dialogue Session proved to be an opportunity for young people of diverse backgrounds, and diverse areas of the Mediterranean, to converge and discuss the most prominent issues affecting youth involvement in forest restoration inititiaves.

Applications for the WFF Young Scientists Group are now open until 15 March!

The World Food Forum (WFF) gathers major youth groups, influencers, companies, academic institutions, non-profits, governments, media and the public to drive awareness, engagement and advocacy, as well as mobilize resources in support of agrifood systems

Join the Youth Mechanism: Have your say in global food and agricultural policy!

The WFF Youth Mechanism is an independent group of young people that serves as the governing and decision-making body of the Youth Action Track. It leads all WFF Youth Action initiatives, which center around programmes for supporting capacity building, actionable solutions, and education on food and agriculture policy topics.

Manifesto for systemic change by bites of Transfoodmation

Have you ever heard of Bites of Transfoodmation (BoT)? Bites of Transfoodmation is an initiative that brings together young motivated individuals who want to change food systems. For the past year, the community has met – and grown! – to discuss what fut

Youth Art Contest for the One Health Future We Want

With the COVID-19 pandemic signaling a historic moment to build transformative resilience across our health, food and ecosystems, the momentum to strengthen a One Health approach is gaining greater political and stakeholder traction.

WFF Masterclass: Success Mindset - Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth Action

Young aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers of all ages are invited to discover the secrets of a “Success Mindset” on 22 September 2021 in an interactive, online World Food Forum (WFF) Masterclass with speakers from Mashrou3i – a public/private initiat

Results from the WFF Africa Regional Youth Consultation Survey

The World Food Forum (WFF) Africa conducted an Africa Regional Youth Consultation Survey between 14 June and 11 July 2021. The survey had 192 responses from 32 countries and was geared toward providing a space for African youth and youth entities who engage in agriculture and food-related area.

Youth pledge at the Food Systems pre-Summit

Around 10,000 young people from all over the world have been engaging in the lead-up to the United Nations Food Systems Summit, and as the milestone of the Pre-Summit draws to a close, youth make their commitments for food systems transformation loud andclear.

Make your voice heard, join the Youth Online Consultation for a better food system

Transforming our food systems is of critical importance. Youth have the opportunity to be part of the solution and to drive the changes that are important and relevant to them.

Feed Your Ideas Towards Food Systems Transformation in Africa

The World Food Forum (WFF), in collaboration with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) Regional Focal Point for Africa is calling on youth and youth entities who engage in agriculture and food-related areas in Africa to join the global discussion on agri-food systems transformation.

Led by Global Youth, World Food Forum plans several events to create a better food future

The WFF, which was conceived by the Youth Committee of FAO, is an independent global network of partners created by and for youth, and consisting of major youth groups, influencers, international organizations, companies, academic institutions, non-profits, governments, media and the public.

Upcoming Global Indigenous Youth Forum 16th-18th of June

The Global Forum on Indigenous Youth, taking place on 16th-18th of June, gathers Indigenous youth from across the globe to share their stories and perspectives, and to discuss Indigenous youth’s game changing solutions for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

ECOSOC Side Event

On 6 April, the World Food Forum launched its Youth Action Track through a virtual side event at the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum to discuss the complex, context-dependent and intertwined issues related to our agri-food systems.

WFF Youth Action track in collaboration with