Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action.

The agrifood systems that encompass the journey of food from farm to table and beyond touch every aspect of our lives and reach every corner of the planet. Yet instead of harnessing their immense potential for positive impact, we are letting agrifood systems wreak havoc on our climate and environment.

In 2023 the World Food Forum (WFF) - a youth-led movement and network to transform our agrifood systems - is committed to the theme: “Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action.

The WFF is also committed to local action that emphasizes innovation, partnerships, science-backed evidence, and above all inclusiveness - with youth, Indigenous Peoples, women and people in vulnerable situations leading the way. We do this through a range of events and activities organized around four thematic tracks: Youth Action, Innovation, Education and Culture.

Join us. Take action for food, for our planet and for our shared future.



World Food Forum 2023 Powered by global youth

WFF Champions

Youth Towards Zero Food Waste

Join us in the fight against food waste! Explore more ways to get involved and make a difference:


Youth Action

Empowering and connecting young agents of change to spark global dialogues and galvanize transformative actions towards a sustainable global food system.

Innovation Lab

Inspiring innovation for sustainable development in support of ending hunger and transforming our food systems, through global competitions and education to spark behavioural change.


Uniting schools and youth groups worldwide to call on youth to take action and become #FoodHeroes.


Bringing together the world’s youth through the universal language of culture to inspire hope and incite action to end world hunger and transform our food systems.


World Food Forum 2023 will champion youth leadership in agrifood systems transformation to accelerate climate action
Government of Ireland joins World Food Forum to sponsor 100 young leaders from Around the World

The World Food Forum (WFF) is proud to announce our collaboration with the Government of Ireland to ensure diversity and inclusion for youth attendees...

Empowering change: WFF at the SDG Action Weekend
Empowering change: WFF at the SDG Action Weekend

In anticipation of the SDG summit and New York Climate Week, on 16 and 17 September, the World Food Forum (WFF) actively participated in the SDG Action...

Freerice Challenge: Goal Extension
Freerice Challenge: Goal Extension

WFF and WFP launched a new Food Waste quiz, introducing a new ‘Llearn Mmore’ feature to ensure that users are further educated as they test their knowledge.

Introducing "Smultronstalle: Fungi Exhibition by Egeon" for the World Food Forum

Step into the mysterious world of mushrooms and fungi at the World Food Forum 2023 Art Exhibition "Smultronstalle“ by Italian artist Egeon.

2022 WFF Year in review


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