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Sustainable Gastronomy Restaurant Week 2024


Imagine a world where every meal helps to sustain a healthier planet. That’s the vision behind Sustainable Gastronomy Day, a global celebration adopted by FAO, UNESCO and the UN General Assembly in 2016, celebrated on 18 June every year.

So, what exactly is sustainable gastronomy? Sustainable gastronomy is the idea of being mindful of where our food comes from, how it’s grown, and its impact on the environment. It’s a culinary journey that supports local ingredients, helps minimize waste, and encourages a greener outlook for future generations. With this in mind, the World Food Forum defines sustainable gastronomy as follows:

Sustainable gastronomy is the art of mindful eating, considering the origin and cultivation of ingredients and their journey to our plates, while ensuring minimal environmental impact and preservation for the future.

This year, Sustainable Gastronomy Day being taken to the next level with some exciting initiatives, featuring the launch of the Sustainable Gastronomy Restaurant Week, this year focused on the theme ‘More Taste Less Waste’. Starting with Rome and few other cities as a pilot, WFF and FAO are teaming up with local restaurants, bakeries, and more run by young chefs, to create special menus and dishes dedicated to sustainable gastronomy and this year’s theme. The main purpose is to get creative with reducing food waste, while including fresh and seasonal ingredients and following a set of guidelines on sustainable gastronomy.

Stay tuned as we launch the list of participating restaurants to guide you on this journey of taste and sustainability!