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Zooming in on results: Launch of the World Food Forum 2021 Year-in-Review Digital Report


Following the successful launch of the first-ever World Food Forum (WFF), powered by global youth, through its Flagship Event from 1-5 October 2021, it is now time to look back and take stock of all that has been achieved, while keeping an eye on the future and challenging work still to come.

This year’s WFF marks just the beginning of a youth-led movement that will ensure that the perspectives, priorities and solutions of youth, including young women, indigenous people, smallholder farmers and marginalized voices, are heard loud and clear.

With this in mind, the WFF proudly announces the release of its first World Food Forum Year-in-Review digital report. This interactive document serves to show that when proactively engaged, young people can become architects and innovators of the change they want to see, and can truly push boundaries to find new, actionable solutions for the transformation of our agri-food systems, providing a path towards a better food future for all.

The WFF Flagship Event was the culmination of more than a year of foundational work in which hundreds of volunteers and dozens of partner organizations spent countless hours working proactively to inspire and engage youth, and create a seat for young leaders at the table of global agri-food systems dialogue. The new report provides a detailed description of all the activities and results achieved both before and during the Flagship Event, bringing to life the impact of the youth-led movement.

Through the use of text, images, videos and graphs, the report takes the reader through a journey to discover the process that led to the creation of the WFF and the remarkable results that have been achieved - from its building blocks in early 2020, to the Flagship Event and beyond.

“The ingenuity and energy of global youth are one of our biggest resources. Tapping into this passion through initiatives like the World Food Forum, is essential to overcoming global hunger and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Maximo Torero, FAO Chief Economist and Youth Committee Chair.