Youth Action

Youth Action for a Better Food Future

Let’s create a true movement of change in the policy dialogues surrounding food and agriculture.

Young people are already taking action to transform our agrifood systems — from the local to the global level, from projects to advocacy, from entrepreneurship to culture, and so much more. The WFF Youth Action track connects and empowers young people around the globe with different backgrounds to discuss their local priorities and challenges, and identify innovative and actionable solutions for a better food future.


Throughout the year, the Youth Action track hosts a myriad of events and dialogues, setting the basis for the Youth Action Assembly, which will take place during the WFF flagship event in October 2023. Simultaneously, we organize consultations with a variety of different youth groups including young farmers, Indigenous youth, and young scientists to feed into a Youth Action Compendium that presents a strong and united youth perspective on the future of our agrifood systems. In 2023, the WFF will zoom into local action and needs through the establishment of regional compendia, with a particular focus on climate change and access to healthy diets.

Get involved

Everyone is welcome to take part in our activities throughout the year. Whether you are part of a youth organization looking to collaborate, or an individual seeking to support the organization of events, there is space for everyone to get involved. The WFF operates on the grounds of inclusivity and transparency.