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Youth Assembly

Youth Assembly for a Better Food Future

Let’s create a true movement of change in the policy dialogues surrounding food and agriculture.

Young people are already taking action to transform our agrifood systems — from the local to the global level, from projects to advocacy, from entrepreneurship to culture, and so much more. The WFF Youth Assembly connects and empowers young people around the globe with different backgrounds to discuss their local priorities and challenges and identify innovative and actionable solutions for a better food future.

The Youth Assembly is a place where ideas flourish and actions speak louder than words. We believe in the power of collective action to bring about positive change in agrifood systems globally. It is a unique opportunity for young minds to converge, discuss policy matters and exchange diverse perspectives and experiences.


Throughout the year, the Youth Assembly serves as a year-round open and inclusive platform for young people to co-create and engage in discussions about various agrifood systems related issues. It brings together young individuals, youth entities, organizations and constituencies to discuss specific policy topics or issues within agrifood systems and develop joint recommendations or solutions. Co-created by passionate youth leaders and led by the WFF Youth Policy Board, our Assembly thrives on inclusivity, diversity and utmost respect for everyone.

The Youth Assembly will host virtual sessions regularly throughout the year to delve into important topics and conferences that play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our agrifood systems. This will ensure that youth voices are heard and actively contribute to ongoing policy discussions and debates.

The 2024 cycle of the Youth Assembly will culminate at the World Food Forum flagship event in a hybrid format from 14 to 18 October, with follow-up sessions until December. This will serve as the culmination of our year-long efforts, discussions and collaborative initiatives.

Get involved

Everyone is welcome to take part in our activities throughout the year. Whether you are part of a youth organization looking to collaborate, or an individual seeking to support the organization of events, there is space for everyone to get involved. The WFF operates on the grounds of inclusivity and transparency.