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World Food Forum Young Scientists Group Publishes Report to Empower Young People for a Sustainable Future


The Young Scientists Group (YSG) of the World Food Forum (WFF) today officially released its first-ever publication: “ Opportunities and Barriers for Advancing Agrifood Systems: Empowering Young People for a Sustainable Future.

The report is an extensive analysis of the key challenges that youth face in engaging efficiently and effectively in improving local, regional and global agrifood systems. It also identifies and explores the four key enablers of youth to become leaders and changemakers for a better food future: education, technology, science and policy.

Aimed to inspire and inform efforts to empower young people, the 2023 YSG report includes five case studies and an interview that demonstrate best practices in youth empowerment and the critical issues that need to be resolved immediately to achieve more sustainable agrifood systems. The report culminates with 18 science-based and action-oriented recommendations for the transformation of agrifood systems that are of particular concern to youth, and which can be adapted to local contexts.

A milestone achievement, the 2023 YSG report spotlights the crucial role that youth play in strengthening inclusive policy environments for driving sustainable and resilient agrifood systems. It demonstrates the unique position and power of youth and young scientists as drivers and agents of change, and the immense potential of science-backed action tailored to youth concerns to propel the sustainable transformation of agrifood systems for the benefit of all people and the planet.