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Startup Innovation Awards

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01What are the WFF Startup Innovation Awards?

The WFF Startup Innovation Awards are a global startup competition established to support and showcase innovators and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of technology to drive the sustainable transformation of agri-food systems in support of ending global hunger and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Made possible through a strategic partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge, the world’s largest startup competition for entrepreneurs addressing global challenges, these awards aim to elevate the next-generation of entrepreneurs who are creating new technologies and innovations to benefit our planet and the agri-food systems we need to thrive.

WFF Better Production Startup Award

WFF Better Nutrition Startup Award

WFF Better Environment Startup Award

WFF Better Life Startup Award

WFF Startup Innovator of the Year Award

02Awards mission

Technological and digital innovation will play a critical role in the future of our food. To address the unprecedented challenges facing our food systems, we need to find new, actionable, innovative and inclusive solutions. We also need to ensure that these solutions take into account the complex, interrelated nature of global agri-food systems.

Through the WFF Startup Innovation Awards, we are seeking to identify, elevate and accelerate the growth of startups who show the greatest potential for a positive impact in transforming agri-food systems, aligned to one of four categories: Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment and Better Life.

Finalists and award winners will receive the global visibility, networking opportunities (with global entities such as governments, United Nations agencies and the private sector), and potential connections to the funding they need to pioneer breakthroughs, incite change, and help achieve a better food future for all.

032021 awards cycle and shortlisted startups

For the 2021 Awards cycle, WFF judges will select a shortlist from contestants who entered the 2021 Extreme Tech Challenge. The WFF Startup Innovation Awards will culminate on 2 October 2021, with the announcement of a winner in each of the four categories, along with an overarching 2021 WFF Startup Innovator of the Year Award.

04Meet the XTC Judges and Evaluators

Agri-food systems specialists and entrepreneurs from around the globe have volunteered to become experts and judges for start ups in the WFF Startup Innovation awards.

Meet the XTC Judges and Evaluators

05The finalists

WFF Better Production Startup Award




WFF Better Nutrition Startup Award


Boost Biomes


WFF Better Environment Startup Award




WFF Better Life Startup Award

Jai Kisan

The Live Green Co


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