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The World Food Forum (WFF) Champions are the next generation of youth leaders who embody the mission of the WFF and are driving agrifood systems transformation across the globe. Their expertise and work cover a wide variety of fields, from policy, science and innovation to culture and education. By recognizing and supporting their leadership potential, the WFF encourages young people to take ownership of the challenges facing their communities and develop innovative solutions to address them.


Meet our Policy Champions, the Youth Policy Board (YPB), who work with youth globally to define the WFF policy priorities and guide the activities of the WFF Youth Assembly and learm more about our alumni.

Science Champions

Meet our Science Champions, the Young Scientists Group (YSG), who ensure that scientific evidence and technical knowledge underpins all of the WFF’s initiatives and learn more about our alumni.

Innovation Champions

Meet our Innovation Champions, young researchers and entrepreneurs who have earned their position through their success in global innovation competitions, including the WFF’s Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) and the Startup Innovation Awards (SIA).


The WFF Launches Dutch Chapter with “FoodCycle” event
The WFF Launches Dutch Chapter with “FoodCycle” event

The World Food Forum (WFF) is thrilled to announce the launch of its first local chapter in the Netherlands! Established by Dutch WFF Youth Champion...

World Pulses Day: WFF Champion Mariah Gladstone on the importance of Indigenous knowledge for the future of pulses

Mariah Gladstone is the founder of Indigikitchen, an online cooking show that tries to breathe new life into Indigenous People’s food traditions. With...

World Food Forum ‘Champions Programme’ mobilizes young, influential change-makers to raise awareness of global agrifood systems

In the lead up to the World Food Forum (WFF) global event in October, the WFF launched today its Champions Programme, an initiative that mobilizes young,...


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