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What are the World Food Forum Masterclasses?

The WFF Masterclasses are virtual events, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes in length, where experts and youth leaders are able to share stories of actionable solutions that can help transform our agrifood systems. Through individual presentations, panel discussion roundtables, talks and stories, these masterclasses aim to engage, educate, inspire and mobilize a global audience to take action for creating a better food future.


How to organize a World Food Forum Masterclass

Masterclasses - 1 Read


Make sure you read the information provided on this page to have an idea of what a masterclass is.

Masterclasses - 2 Focus


Choose a focus for the masterclass based on your work, research, experiences or ideas that could contribute to transforming our agrifood systems.

Masterclasses - 3 Discuss


Discuss your idea with others and fine-tune the title, agenda and suitable activities and tools for your virtual masterclass.

Masterclasses - 4 Submit


Put your thoughts in writing, submit your idea, and wait for a response from the WFF team within five working days!

Key ingredients for a successful masterclass

To help make your masterclass as impactful as possible, be sure to have: an innovative and pertinent topic, an inspiring framework, passionate speakers, sound logistics, effective discussion leaders, interaction, active event promotion, and dissemination of outcomes among youth in your region and around the world.

The WFF team is ready to support you by inviting an enthusiastic audience, promoting your WFF Masterclass on social media, and potentially connecting you with youth and experts in other WFF tracks to join your masterclass as speakers, audience, or co-organizers.


Meet the 2023 Startup Awards winners
Meet Our 2023 Startup Innovation Awards Winners

Young entrepreneurs were celebrated at the center stage of the World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards 2023.

Meet our Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) 2023 winners
Meet our Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) 2023 winners

Innovative researchers took center stage at the World Food Forum 2023, where the third edition of the Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) concluded.

Youth Food Lab: from idea to implementation
Youth Food Lab: from idea to implementation

The Youth Food Lab teams graced the main stage of the World Food Forum in Rome.

Calling all changemakers: Partner with the World Food Forum!
Calling all changemakers: Partner with the World Food Forum!

If you are interested in joining forces with us, explore the various partnership opportunities.


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