Youth Action

Youth Action


Youth Action for a Better Food Future

We produce enough food to feed every woman, man and child on earth, yet nearly 700 million people continue to suffer from hunger. It is clear that our global agri-food systems are broken. As youth, how can we join forces and co-create solutions to address the pressing challenges the world faces today and create a more sustainable food future?

The Youth Action track will inspire and connect young agents of change, empowering them to engage in global dialogues and galvanize concrete actions towards a better food future. This will take place through the organization of tailored local, regional and global events aiming to spark a global agri-food systems transformation.


Engaging and empowering global youth to take an active role in sustainable agri-food systems transformation is a key step towards positive change. In line with the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, the Youth Action track will culminate with an inclusive consultation process, gathering young leaders from across the globe at the Youth Assembly of the World Food Forum (WFF).

The WFF Youth Assembly will be a youth-led, inclusive celebration, meant to convene all stakeholders who touch agri-food systems, empowering global youth to take concrete action towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular “zero hunger”, and a more sustainable food future for all.

Get involved

The World Food Forum is seeking volunteers and partners to take part in the dialogues and help shape the Youth Action events. To join the movement and create a better food future with us, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media.

If you are young leader who would like to organise a WFF satellite event in your own community, please write to us at [email protected].


WFF Youth Action track in collaboration with

  • Actions for change
  • Arab Youth Center
  • ASEAN Youth Organization
  • Bites of Transfoodmation
  • CSA Youth Network
  • Design for Change
  • Diplomatici
  • The Food Foundation
  • Future Food Institute
  • FFPJ
  • GAIN
  • Global Action
  • IAAS
  • IFSA
  • Kitchen Connection
  • Kyobashi Living Lab
  • Mondo Internazionale
  • SUN
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Unite2030
  • Yezers
  • Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
  • Yunga

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