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World Food Forum - Innovation Lab

Innovation for a Better Food Future

How can we sustainably feed a growing global population? How can we reduce the alarming levels of food loss and waste? How can we safeguard the environment for future generations? All while facing new and more complex threats, such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

The goal of the World Food Forum (WFF) Innovation Lab is to bolster innovation for sustainable development in support of ending hunger. Led by global youth, it engages the leaders of tomorrow, elevates the innovators and innovative solutions that are already making a difference, and aims to inspire the world to confront the threats that our agrifood systems face today.

The WFF Innovation Lab consists of hands-on competitions for students and young professionals – including research challenges, startup challenges, bootcamps and networking events – as well as Masterclasses with inspirational and educational content from renowned experts and emerging young leaders on how to nurture innovation for a better food future.

This year's WFF will focus on the focus areas of access to healthy diets and addressing the climate crisis, with the slogan “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.”. In the lead up to COP27, the WFF will bring innovators together to raise awareness on the importance of these two issues. The aim is to co-identify out-of-the-box, actionable solutions to minimize and mitigate climate change impacts in our lifetime, while simultaneously increasing global access to sustainable and healthy food.

Get involved

The World Food Forum needs youth volunteers, partners and sponsors to participate, help bring the event to life, and spread the word about the WFF and the key issues facing our global food systems.

If you are a young and ambitious innovator who wants to join the movement and create a better food future with us, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media to keep up to date on our latest news.

To become a volunteer, partner or sponsor, email us at [email protected].


The World Food Forum Joins I4Nature to Foster a More Sustainable Dairy Sector at Youth World Milk Day Event
The World Food Forum Joins I4Nature to Foster a More Sustainable Dairy Sector at Youth World Milk Day Event

The World Food Forum (WFF) partnered with I4NATURE to promote Youth World Milk Day with an online event that brought together young dairy farmers, dairy experts, students and activists to discuss paths forward to create a sustainable future for the dairy industry.

World Food Forum and Extreme Tech Challenge Celebrate Sustainable Gastronomy Day 2022

The World Food Forum (WFF) together with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) will present the 2022 Sustainable Gastronomy Day Celebration on 18 June 2022! Over two live Zoom events, they will bring together chefs and innovative startups with sustainability at he

WFF Contributes to Youth Assembly and Policy Paper at Stockholm+50

From 2 - 3 June 2022, the WFF joined forces with youth across sectors and around the world in the self-organized Youth Task Force, which convened at the Stockholm+50 Youth Assembly two days before the official conference hosted by UN Environment. The Yout

World Food Forum and Extreme Tech Challenge launch 2022 ‘Startup Innovation Awards’ at Stockholm+50 Side Event

The World Food Forum (WFF) and Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) have launched the second annual WFF Startup Innovation Awards, powered by XTC. The launch was preceded by a Stockholm+50 associated event on 2 June, entitled “Agrifood Tech Innovations for a Healthy Planet: Creating opportunities and empowering the next generation of agripreneurs".

Agrifood Tech Innovations for a Healthy Planet: WFF and XTC Host Event at Stockholm+50

On 2 June, the World Food Forum (WFF) collaborated with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) to host an associated event at Stockholm+50 on “Agrifood Tech Innovations for a Healthy Planet: Creating opportunities and empowering the next generation of agripreneurs.

Transformative Research Challenge Extension

The 2022 Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) aims to inspire research and innovation in sustainable development to end hunger and transform our agrifood systems. In order to gather as many applications from around the world, the deadline has been exte

Stockholm +50 Associated Event

Agrifood Tech Innovations for a Healthy Planet: Creating opportunities and empowering the next generation of agripreneurs   Hosted by In 2021, the Youth Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) la

The World Food Forum highlights the essential role of young scientists at the STI Forum

On 4 May, the World Food Forum (WFF) hosted an event during the Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs (STI Forum), to highlight the essential role of young scientists in identifying and scaling up innovative solutions

UN System Staff College Hosts Innovation Toolkit Webinar to Foster Innovation

On 28 April, the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) in collaboration with the World Food Forum (WFF), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Accenture Interactive hosted a webinar to upg

Transformative Research Challenge Young Scientific Roundtable

On 27 April, the annual Young Scientific Roundtable was organized by the WFF’s Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) team, in partnership with FAO, CGIAR and the Agrifood 5 Alliance to stress the importance of young researchers in transforming our agrif

STI Forum 2022 Side Event: “Youth-led solutions for a better food future”

At the next Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs (STI Forum) the World Food Forum (WFF) will host an event to highlight the essential role of young scientists in identifying and scaling up innovative solutions to achi

Join the Young Scientific Roundtable and learn how to apply to the TRC

Join us on Wednesday, 27 April from 4:00PM to 5:00PM CET for an engaging roundtable organized by the World Food Forum’s (WFF) Transformative Research Challenge (TRC).

WFF Masterclass - Forest photography & video 101 with Michele Curel and Ramon Casacuberta: The Basics

How can we use different types of images and videos to tell a story about forestry, climate change, deforestation, restoration and related issues?

Africa francophone workshop on the importance of young farmers in the transformation of agrifood systems

This Francophone workshop was organized by the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) and the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) of the Government of Quebec. The event addressed common issues for the next ge

2021 Foodicons of the year

An oft-cited challenge facing global agri-food systems is the lack of a common language. To address this, Foodicons and the World Food Forum (WFF) have announced the first-ever selection of key terms that describe global food systems with their announcement of “2021’s Foodicon of the Year”.

Foodicons @ 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress

Foodicons @ 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress.

WFF Masterclass: Promoting decent jobs for youth in food systems (ILO)

This interactive masterclass explores the challenges and opportunities for young people to access decent jobs in food systems, particularly in the rural economy and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about innovative youth-led solutions designed to promote more and better jobs for youth in rural areas.

WFF Masterclass - Challenging the myths of meat: sustainability and innovation in grazing systems

When you think “meat”, what comes to mind? If the answer is climate change, deforestation or cruelty we wouldn’t be surprised! However, did you know there is another side of meat production that focuses on biodiversity, welfare and minimal climate impact?

FAO and UNICEF host a masterclass on revolutionizing food education

On 4th October, more than 250 people from across the world virtually joined the FAO and UNICEF-led masterclass “Revolutionizing food education in youth for more sustainable food pathways”.

Young researchers and startups honoured and mentored by private sector at World Food Forum

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for food systems transformation took centre-stage at the World Food Forum, with awards presented to young researchers and entrepreneurs.  Masterclasses hosted by United Nations organizations, the OECD, the Clinton Foundation, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, Kimbal Musk, Bill Tai, and others also took place.

Young researchers honored and mentored at World Food Forum

Tuesday October 8, 2021 - The second day of the 5-day WFF flagship event was entirely devoted to innovation, and began with young researchers pitching their projects at the Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) finals.

“Change the Game”: New online game platform will teach youths balancing act of feeding people and saving planet

In the quest to transform global agri-food systems, reducing food loss and waste seems like a straightforward way to fight hunger, increase access to healthy diets, and protect the environment. But the reality is more complicated.

Masterclasses for a Better Food Future: Experiences from Japan about food systems in a circular economy

In close collaboration with the Academy of Gastronomy Japan, the Government of Japan and the FOOD LOSS BANK (Sakiko Yamada, CEO), the WFF is delighted to present the “Masterclasses for a Better Food Future series”, which features six episodes on the circular economy of food in Japan.

WFF Masterclass: Hungry for a Kinder World

Young aspiring entrepreneurs and sustainable diet enthusiasts of all ages are invited to imagine a more generous future of food on 28 September 2021 in an interactive, online World Food Forum (WFF) Masterclass with Iseult Ward.

WFF Masterclass: Success Mindset - Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth Action

Young aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers of all ages are invited to discover the secrets of a “Success Mindset” on 22 September 2021 in an interactive, online World Food Forum (WFF) Masterclass with speakers from Mashrou3i – a public/private initiat

Finalists announced for 2021 World Food Forum ‘Transformative Research Challenge’

The World Food Forum announces the 2021 finalists for the Transformative Research Challenge. For researchers and aspiring researchers who are committed to transforming agri-food systems, the Challenge was launched in May 2021 by the WFF and aims to provid

WFF Masterclass: Foodtech Venture Day – Japan

The World Food Forum (WFF), in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Japanese business and innovation investment consulting firm SIGMAXYZ, hosted a special edition Foodtech Venture Day Masterclass on the topic of “Recreating and Upgrading Food Systems through Collective Passion and Wisdom.”

Finalists Announced for 2021 World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards

The World Food Forum (WFF), in partnership with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), announce the 2021 finalists for the WFF Startup Innovation Awards. The WFF Startup Innovation Awards are a global startup competition established to support and showcase innovation.

Launching a new visual language for food
Launching a new visual language for food! Join a global initiative to create a shared visual language to describe our food systems

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for worldwide coordination on food security, equity, and transparency, and has also demonstrated that our current food systems do not effectively communicate with one another.

World Food Forum launches ‘Startup Innovation Awards’ in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge

The World Food Forum powered by Global Youth, today announced a partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) to launch an international competition - the World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards - to support and showcase innovating entrepreneurs.

Meet our Transformative Research Challenge Expert Reviewers and Become a Mentor

Sixteen specialists from FAO and the WFF’s partners have accepted the challenge to become expert reviewers for our Transformative Research Challenge (TRC). These talented professionals are at the top of their fields, working in food governance, nutrition.

WFF Masterclass: Integral Ecology

Young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers are invited to explore models for infusing economics with ethical values on 15 July 2021 in a 90-minute World Food Forum (WFF) Masterclass on “Integral Ecology,” hosted by the Economy of Francesco (EoF).

WFF Masterclass: Leveraging Youth-Led Community Supported Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems

Join the World Food Forum (WFF) on 22 June, 2021, as it kicks off its Innovation Masterclass series with the interactive webinar, “Leveraging Youth-Led Community Supported Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems”.

TRC: Deadline extended to 27 June

Use this extra time to refine your submission for the World Food Forum Transformative Research Challenge. Do not miss this opportunity to transform our agri-food systems through science.   Apply now Submission deadline: Sunday 27 June 2021 23:59 (CEST)

TRC Official Launch Event

On Friday May 14th 2021, an official info session about the Transformative Research Challenge (TRC) was held via zoom. If you missed the event, make sure to catch it now.

The Transformative Research Challenge Launch

The WFF’s Innovation Labs launched its first challenge: the Transformative Research Challenge (TRC).Addressed to young – or young at heart – researchers and aspiring researchers, this international open call aims to leverageat levering research and innovation.

WFF Innovation Lab track in collaboration with